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trumpets for trumpeters / trumpet players
Trumpets from selected manufacturers at Trompete.Online: Stomvi-Trumpets, Brassego-Trumpets, NARTISS-Trumpets and SPIRI-Trumpets.

Embouchure trainers and Mouthpieces

lip care for trumpeters: myVIBSTROMPETE.ONLINE has a great number of different embouchure trainers and mouth­pieces.

The online-shop offers e.g. myVIBS a device developed by 4i TECH for relaxation of the lip muscles, ENDI, a dynamic lip trainer, ENIS, an isometric lip trainer, the breath trainer PUEDO, as well as different Buzzing-Aids.


BRASSEGO trumpet The Perinet valve trumpet CAT from BRASSEGO (available in our Trumpet-Shop) has - like the famous American trumpets from CONN, Getzen and Monette - a bell separated in two pieces. The sound character of this instrument can be described as "lively" or even "poisonous".

The trumpet CAT has the SINGING BELL treatment as a standard. The weight of the trumpet is 1045 gramms.

Actually, this model is the favorite trumpet model with perinet valves from BRASSEGO.

Online-Shopping of trumpets and trumpet accessories at Trompete.Online

rotary valve trumpet BELVEDERE from BRASSEGO

The assortment of our trumpet shop contains the finest brass instruments from top class manufacturers. The selection of the trumpet manufacturers STOMVI, NARTISS, SPIRI and BRASSEGO guarantees the best quality of brass instruments.

The response of all the instruments of our assortment is easy and precise. Please risk a glance at our assortment of musical instruments!

Don't hesitate to enter our Online-Shop for Musicians!

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Flugelhorn from the manufacturer STOMVI

The generation of the sound with trumpets starts at the mouthpiece. Therefore, high-quality mouthpieces - be it a mouthpiece with the classical design, with the Cologne Shape, or heavyweight models - are key elements for the sound of the trumpets. In our Online-Shop we offer mouthpieces of the manufacturers STOMVI, SPIRI and Josef Klier (JK). With these mouthpieces, the perfect sound is almost guaranteed.

Many of the mouthpieces are separated in two or three parts, and are therefore adaptable to the individual requirements of the trumpeter.

The products of our trumpet shop include instruments as well as accessories for musicians

The assortment of our Online-Shop contains apart from Bb-trumpets also Piccolo-models, C-trumpets und Eb/D-trumpets, Cornets und Flugelhorns.

Concerning the manufacturers, you can select trumpet models from BRASSEGO, or you might decide for an instrument of STOMVI, or select a trumpet from the Swiss manufacturer SPIRI, or buy a more economical but nevertheless excellent instrument from NARTISS.

The online-shop is open 24h / 7 days! Look around and select your new trumpet or your trumpet accessories!

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trumpet mouthpieces from STOMVI, from SPIRI and from Josef Klier The accessories for trumpeters normally include mouthpieces, bags, cases, cleaning material, etc. Our Internet-Shop for trumpets offers high quality mouthpieces of the mouthpiece manufacturers SPIRI, STOMVI and Josef Klier. STOMVO and Klier produce 2-part and 3-part mouthpieces (socalled combi-mouthpieces). The one-part heavyweight mouthpieces from SPIRI with grooves have an easy response and provide a rich sound.

Of course, the shop also offers a selection of cases and bags for the musical instruments.

Why do you still hesitate! Online-Shopping of trumpets and trumpet accessories is economical and fast!

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What our customers say:

Karl C.: Ich habe mir in Ihrem Online-Shop zu meinem Geburtstag eine Piccolo-Trompete von STOMVI (Master 5781) gekauft. Ein Geschenk von mir an mich. Was für ein Klang der Trompete! Der Ton ist tatsächlich samtig weich und reich an Harmonie. Mit dem Instrument werde ich noch viel Freude haben.
Stephan G.: Ich spiele seit 15 Jahren auf Spiri-Trompeten. Die Instrumente sind in der Ansprache und Intonation absolut einmalig. Die Ventile sind so präzise gebaut, dass selbst bei schnellen Passagen jede einzelne Note sauber getrennt wird. Die Trompete lässt sich in allen dynamischen Bereichen sehr leicht spielen. Ihr Sound ist beliebig formbar, was mir die Arbeit als Lead-Trompeter sehr erleichtert.
Alexander R.: In Ihrem Trompeten Online-Shop habe ich meine neue STOMVI Bb-Trompete gekauft, Modell ELITE 250. Das Schallstück hat einen Durchmesser von 124 mm. Der Klang der Trompete ist wirklich wie versprochen voll und die Töne sehr zentriert. Meine Entscheidung für STOMVI und Trompete-Online war genau die richtige!
Susanne W.: Ich spiele in einem Symphonieorchester und wollte mir eine neue Drehventil-Trompete zulegen. In Ihrem Trompeten-Shop habe ich das Modell "B-Trompete Schönbrunn" gefunden. Das delikate Design hat mich sofort angesprochen. Ich habe die Trompete von BRASSEGO im Shop bestellt, mit einem 137 mm Schallstück. Als ich die Trompete ausgepackt hatte und darauf zu spielen begann, war ich hin und weg. BRASSEGO hat mit dem Modell "Schönbrunn" eine großartige Konzerttrompete gebaut!

What are you waiting for?

You can purchase in our Online-Shop Trompete.Online trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, and other wind instruments in various intonations: Bb, D/Eb, High Bb, C, etc. Of course, the shop offers also accessories like mouthpieces, cases, bags, etc..

More information about the products you will find directly in the shop.

Visit our Online-Shop for trumpets - and let your dream become reality!

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